Security testing and ethical hacking

Welcome to WellSecurity. We provide ethical hacking and security testing services to clients in Sydney, Melbourne and to customers all over the country.

We believe that:

  • a good penetration tester needs to be a passionate (& ethical) hacker – only then are we able to provide the best service on the market
  • good quality security testing does not have to be expensive
  • a small company is the place where we can best grow & show our talents – this is why we are a team of 5 people
  • when not at the client’s office, we work from home where we can entirely focus on our job and work non-standard hours to fit our clients’ needs (and keep your costs down)
  • it is important that our client understands the vulnerabilities – this is why at the end of pentesting we prepare a report and presentation about our findings, which we are happy to present in person
  • our clients have different needs and ‘penetration test’ means something different to each of them – this is why we are flexible and happy to fit your needs
  • timeliness is critical – this is why we are never late for meetings or on-site internal testing. Reports are always issued on or before the agreed time
  • a win-win solution is always possible

Our ethical hacking services are available to clients Australia wide, so please contact us now to discuss your needs.